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Correct fit of the shoulder pad is essential for the athlete's protection and performance. Whether taking a hit or giving one, the cm difference in shoulder pad size makes all the difference. When the shoulder pads fit properly, they should be comfortable and protective, while allowing for a full range of motion for maximum comfort and mobility on the field. With modern shoulder pads often available in styles specific to your position, getting the perfect fit is key to performing your best on the pitch.

Clearly, shoulder pads are a vital piece of equipment for any player, but how do they actually work?

The shoulder pad protects players by absorbing some of the energy of an impact through the deformation of the outer shell, while at the same time distributing the energy across a larger area so there is less pressure at the point of impact. The weight of the shoulder pad and the level of protection often vary according to the group of positions. Linemen often opt for styles that benefit their technical responsibilities, such as getting their hands on a linebacker or stepping back to pass to block a defender. Instead skill players usually choose a more flexible and mobile style of padding to allow them to move quickly and gracefully across the court.


Check out the tips below to make sure you have the perfect shoulder pad to excel on the court.


While they vary by model to accommodate specific needs of body positions or styles, the entire range of Xenith shoulder pads are lightweight and low profile, allowing for a full range of motion without sacrificing protection.

To ensure a perfect fit, it's important to know how to measure your shoulders accurately.

Using a tape measure, measure the width of a player's back from the edge of the left shoulder to the edge of the right shoulder, as shown in the graph below. Make sure the measuring tape is as flat on the back as possible. Then consult the size chart below.



When you receive your Xenith shoulder pads, or have the opportunity to try them on for yourself in Xenith_store, there are a few steps to ensure a proper fit and maximum protection.


These steps are:

1. Put on the shoulder pad and check that it is comfortable;

2. Tighten the straps. They must be comfortable without causing pain in any area;

Next, there are 3 main fit recommendations for fitting soccer shoulder pads:

1.Shoulder pads should be aligned with the AC joint (directly above the armpits).

2.The front arch should completely cover the breastbone and the front of the shoulders.

3.The rear arch should fully cover the scapula without limiting the range of motion in the arms.


The Xenith range of shoulder pads offer a number of benefits for players:

-Unrestricted movement

Low-profile sternum and shoulder plates allow for full range of motion.

-Lightweight construction

Injection molded plates provide the protection athletes need without sacrificing speed and agility.

- Flexible padding

Strategically placed pads allow for unrestricted movement on the court

-Low profile silhouette

Dual shoulder caps made from high impact foam provide added protection and contour to the body for a sleek appearance.

In any case, we at Infinity Sport always recommend trying the shoulder pad.

If you can't come and try it on in the shop, find a teammate of yours who has a Xenith shoulder pad and try it on, so that you can be more sure about your purchase.

If you don't have the opportunity to try it, use the advice above, and if you have problems, don't hesitate to contact us!

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