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Bag with coloring graphics, your friend Fanta Flag you can always take with you after having unleashed your creative imagination.


Choose the type of markers you prefer, you have 5 types to choose from:

Fluo, Colorful, Fabrics, Metal, Pastel.


Fanta is a puppet with sporting talents and wants to help children to re-approach sport and creativity, encourage them to discover and color their artistic skills.


In the bag there is a presentation card of our Fanta, to be used as an internal base so as not to leave color residues on the back of the bag, while si colora Fanta.


Fanta Puppet is a handmade and eco-sustainable product in 100% cotton.


ftheLL mAnd wtheth corLorrs- Fill me with colors!


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Bag Fanta Flag Football

  • Completely ecological materials.

    100% cotton fabric.

    100% cotton label.

    Bag washable at 30°.


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