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Introducing the SpeedFlex Quick Release Tool. A multi-purpose helmet tool designed for efficient maintenance on Riddell football helmets.


  • Quick Release Connection Tool - The quick release connection tool, molded adjacent to the quick release pin, provides a flat surface to re-insert all quick release points.
  • Quick Release Skewer - The quick release skewer allows for easy handling of all of Riddell's quick release skewers.
  • Integrated Thumbscrew Wrench - The integrated thumbscrew wrench simplifies tightening and removing the SpeedFlex chinstrap thumbscrews.
  • Liner Inserter - Improved Liner Inserter provides an ergonomic handle and lever arm for inserting Riddell push & plug liners
  • Quick Change Footpocket Driver - Quick change footpocket driver designed for easy maintenance of the SpeedFlex footpocket during competition.


For installing and removing Riddell quick release helmet facemask fasteners, as well as tightening and loosening ratcheting chin strap fasteners • Loc™


Riddell QR Combo Tool - Universal

Colore: black
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